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This therapy is based on the fact that there is a joint system formed from the skull to the sacrum, by the meninges and the cerebrospinal fluid and all the structures that make up the system such as the brain, the spinal cord and cranial bones. In the beginning, there is a harmonic energy that is also transmitted to all our organs, cells and body tissues from this same system. Thus, the power and quality of the flow of this energy throughout your body determines your state of health and vitality.


Likewise, the circulation of our energy is also maintained by a "motor" or "pump" that keeps it in constant motion, counting on very slow pulsations (as if they were those of the heart, with rhythm).

However, in certain conditions, we can have some points "blocked" by emotional problems, physical injuries or others, causing a compression that prevents our flow. Thus, we are faced with a state that can magnify ailments and decrease our energy.


Application of craniosacral massage

The work is done in a quiet, calm place and at room temperature, with the person dressed and lying on the gurney facing the ceiling. Thus, the technique is based on applying very small pressures of just 5 grams on your skull bones, since it is one of the structures that will allow everything that surrounds it to "breathe", trying to make specificity in the cranial sutures, which is what kept sealed.


The technique also includes supporting or flexing certain structures such as the head, arm, leg, etc., as this will look for and help in the untying of the tissues that would be in compression. The conjunction between body and mind gives us the capacity for self-healing once the energy balance is reestablished.

It will take several sessions to find improvement. Craniosacral massage is indicated for many pathologies such as fibromyalgia, central nervous system disorders, migraines, muscular conditions, scoliosis, hernias, stress…; to other types of problems such as autism, constipation, hypothyroidism, asthma, insomnia, hyperactivity, anxiety, among others.


This therapy will not only work on the skull and sacrum, these two will be very important structures; but the path along the entire connection between the two will also be worked on. The professional trained in cranio-sacral massages will also try to “listen” to your body, he will be able to feel where that compressed energy is that prevents the passage, so he will not miss at any moment of his listening to your body. Thus, the therapist is never going to impose a force on you that your body can reject but will let your body "speak".


It is a therapy indicated for all audiences, including babies and children, since it does not present side effects or contraindications. In turn, it can also be applied to pregnant women or breastfeeding women or to people after a surgical operation or who have suffered an accident.

If you love alternative therapies and your vocation is to dedicate yourself to the health and well-being of people, through our courses you will learn techniques and the necessary knowledge to face a promising professional future with guarantees. Ask us for information without obligation.

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