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Massage is a powerful tool for the benefit of the psychophysiological complex of the patient. Here are the general positive effects of applying massage:

  • Mechanical action on tissues

  • Warm up, stimulate and develop muscles

  • Stimulate or calm the nervous system (analgesic effect)

  • Stretch and relax the muscles

  • Improve adhesions, make tissues more flexible

  • Improve circulation, eliminate organic exudates

  • Has reflex action on the nervous system

  • Improves psychological well-being.


Massage and its variations, is probably one of the most powerful therapeutic tools that has existed, it is universal and effective to reduce or eliminate various conditions of the human body. The massage can act on the:

  • Musculoskeletal diseases

  • Rheumatic diseases (except acute phases)

  • Neurological diseases: peripheral (paralysis, trophic disorders, spasticity) and central (stress, insomnia, mental disorders, exhaustion).

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