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What is an Astral Cleanse?
An Astral Cleansing is a deep holistic energetic cleansing, in which the Physical and Auric Body, the Housing and the Astral Field of the Solar Logos are cleansed of negative energy congestions or low vibration from different sources, which is extremely important because there is the source of some of the pollution and of many of the blockages in our life. A contaminated Astral Field means having "the Paths of Life" interfered with.

Energy pollution can come to us for multiple reasons. In the first place, we produce it ourselves, due to traumas, emotional and mental conflicts that we have experienced or are experiencing, due to illness, personal crises, patterns of thought or emotional of our own, and without a doubt other times it has its origin in external causes. Either because we live around toxic people (envy, grudges, conflicts ...), in the family or at work, for example, and of course, other times it can come from mental and esoteric practices, even commissioned by Magic professionals. Unfortunately too common practices today.

When a deep cleaning is done, accumulated energy congestions of low vibration are eliminated and released and they are replaced with new energy, of higher vibration. It is a process of detoxification and integration of new energy of higher vibration.

As a consequence, we enter a process of rebalancing our being, in which all areas of our life are going to be affected. The deeper the cleansing, the more ancient energies will be removed and the more positive effects will have once it is completed.

This "purification" happens on a physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
In a more metaphysical sense an Astral Cleansing is a Healing of the Soul, a Reconnection with our Inner Being and a healing of the events of our Life. The result of it represents a before and after in our life. before and after in our life.


With the help of the Spiritual Realm, the focus of your consciousness and the transmutation of energy dowsing, you will learn to cleanse the low vibration energies in the physical and auric body, the home or workplace, and very importantly, any negative influences of the Astral Field of the Solar Logos, source of many of the blockages that we suffer in life.


Contact us to perform an astral cleansing in person or remotely !!!


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