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Intense pulsed light, also known by its acronym in English, IPL, is a lighting technology capable of eliminating the traces left on our skin by the sun, stress and the passage of time. With its treatment, the skin of the hands, neckline, neck and face will look more rejuvenated.


Likewise, IPL allows the removal of annoying facial hair, whether it is blonde or dark, with the only difference that the latter will need more sessions for its total elimination. As it is a non-aggressive treatment, it is possible to carry out as many sessions as the patient requires.


What does it consist of?

The treatment should be done with completely clean skin, without makeup, creams or hair. A cold gel is applied to the patient on the area to be treated, which serves as protection for the thinner layers of the skin, while facilitating the transmission of light energy. The specialist and the patient should use eye protectors so that the light beams from the device do not damage their eyesight.

The intense light pulsed through a broad band of light acts on:

  • Pigmented spots

  • Venitas

  • Rough skin texture

  • Hair

  • Collagen formation.

  • .

The energy of the light allows to gradually improve the texture and tonality, eliminating enlarged pores, hair, redness, spots and small wrinkles in the deepest layers of the skin.


The duration will vary depending on the size of the area to be treated, and can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. After the session, the patient can put on makeup if they wish and return to their normal routine.


As for the number of sessions, it varies depending on each person and the type of IPL used. Mostly, about 4-5 sessions are usually needed every 30-45 days, although depending on the type of hair or the needs of the patient, the number of these could be increased. Also, some people may need maintenance sessions about 1-2 times a year.

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