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It is a therapeutic discipline that uses natural magnets of medium intensity to treat different types of diseases or

dysfunctions in the organism.


This medicine is based on the magnetic properties of all the components of the human body. Each cell, tissue, organ and system as well as assimilated or discarded chemicals has its own magnetic field.


In 1988, the concept of Biomagnetic Pair was known as a procedure of a physical order that qualitatively and indirectly detects fundamental alterations in the pH of internal organs by means of medium-intensity magnets.


Quoting Isaac Goiz in 1988 - Biomagnetic Pair concept:

"Set of charges that identify a pathology and that is constituted by two main charges of opposite polarity that are formed at the expense of the fundamental alteration of the pH of the organs that support it"

"Health depends on the tissue and cellular pH that must remain at values ​​close to neutrality, being able to be detected and adjusted by means of medium intensity magnetic fields."


This is how the Biomagnetic Pair works from this physiological basis, regulating and restoring the pH of the extracellular medium to regain balance and homeostasis in the body.


It is a simple technique that uses the kinesiological test to locate the dysfunctional points to be treated. The magnets are placed on top of clothing and are free from side effects.


They act in the body in different ways:

● They stimulate acupuncture points and meridians being especially useful for the treatment of pain.

● They positively influence blood cells by magnetizing the iron core of hemoglobin molecules.

● Increase blood flow and raise body temperature

● Accelerate the assimilation of salts due to the magnetization of metal ions

● They promote the balance between anabolism and catabolism

● They deconfigure the magnetic fields of pathogenic microorganisms, weakening and killing them, making it very effective for the treatment of acute or recurrent infectious diseases.


Our organism, like all active and dynamic living beings, is constantly alternating states of balance and imbalance; This is how areas with a predominance of positive magnetic charges with accumulation of Hydrogenions (H + or acid) and areas with a predominance of negative charges with accumulation of Oxidrilos (OH or alkaline) are established, which will make up the terrain with an acid or basic tendency suitable for each type of microorganism.


Viruses and fungi need slightly more acidic pH environments corresponding to positive polarity, while bacteria and parasites need a more alkaline environment corresponding to negative polarity.

The Biomagnetic Pair therapy considers that between both sources of viruses and bacteria a communication is established in forms of electromagnetic waves that is called "Magnetic Bioresonance", which favors that a pathogenic microorganism increases its pathogenicity and virulence if it coexists with other pathogenic microorganisms in the organism due to the energetic feedback that exists between them.


It is for this reason that a certain infection may be different in one person or another, because each organism has a number of microorganisms present that underlie the person and that under normal conditions are not pathogenic but that when a certain microorganism enters, they can enhance its virulence favoring the serious states of infectious diseases.


We are constantly exposed to environmental pollution; Through the air, water or food that we eat, a quantity of germs and toxins also enter that are directed and accumulate in the place that is related to them, thus establishing the basal state of each organism.


When microorganisms enter our body, they cause us diseases depending on our immune, energetic, nutritional, biochemical, biophysical, or emotional system at that time. It is for this reason that the same infectious microorganism does not cause the same infectious response in one organism as in another.


The universal Physical Law of magnetism tells us that whenever there is an electric charge in motion, it will generate a magnetic field

and vice versa.


In this magnetic field there will be two identical poles but with opposite charge, (-) i (+), thus the microorganisms that, as we have seen previously, are supported by two magnetic charges (-) i (+) will find the appropriate means to develop, multiply and cause infection. These ion accumulations are measured by the ph scale.

The Biomagnetic Pair technique effectively eliminates the areas of positive (acidic) and negative (alkaline) magnetic distortion that sustain each pathogen, toxin or dysfunction, attracting it until it is found and neutralized, returning the pH to a physiological neutral value of 7.3.


The moment the extracellular environment returns to the neutral and physiological pH, viruses and bacteria can no longer live, then they die and are disposed of by the cleaning and sweeping system of our body.

Indications in the application of Biomagnetism as a Complementary Technique to Conventional Medicine, accompanied by Integrative Medical follow-up


1. Infectious diseases in all body systems:

● Respiratory: Acute bronchitis, COPD, asthma of any

etiology, recurrent respiratory tract infections or


● ENT: chronic pharyngitis, laryngitis, external and media otitis,


● Urological-Gynecological: Acute or recurrent cystitis,

urethritis, prostatitis.

● Etc… ..


2. Digestive System Alterations:

● Acute or chronic Helicobacter Pylori infection

recurrent, dyspepsia, gastritis, poor digestion, colon

irritable, constipation, nonspecific diarrhea, disturbance

stool rhythm, colic ...

● Dysbiosis, SIBO, Malnutrition Sd due to malabsorption

intestinal, intestinal permeability disturbances.


3. Glandular dysfunctions:

● Thyroid disorders; hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism,

Graves basedow disease, Hashimoto's disease,

subacute thyroiditis of viral origin ...

● Hormonal changes in menopause.


4. Alterations Osteoarticular System:

● Generalized or localized osteoarthritis, isolated arthritis or as

part of systemic, autoimmune or

degenerative, bone joint pain of various kinds,

joint stiffness.

● Recovery from fractures, sprains, trauma to

any type, dental extraction and / or any surgery

maxillofacial, recovery of tissues after a

surgery, scars ...


5. Emotional disturbances, psychological disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, chronic stress….

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