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Mesotherapy is an aesthetic technique that is based on the application of microinjections with substances that fight cellulite, localized fat, wrinkles and flaccidity, which improves the quality and appearance of the skin.


In addition to fighting cellulite, mesotherapy is helpful in mitigating hair loss, fighting sagging skin, reducing stretch marks, and even treating acne.


How much is reduced? Every month you lose an average of four kilos, which is equivalent to one size, so in twelve weeks you lose three sizes. In addition, the method ensures that 85% of the weight you lose with the diet is lost from where you have excess, being as effective as liposuction.


Objects and colors in the water.

During ionic detox therapy, different colors and residues appear in the water. This is due to a reaction between the water and its particles depending on each place, the salt that is added, the acidity or alkalinity of the person and the particles and toxins that are eliminated during the session. The basic color will vary from each geographic location and the quality of the water used.

It is very important to mention that changes in the water will always happen even when there is no contact with the water, that is, with feet or hands outside of it due to the changes in the water, however, the vast majority of Particles and objects that we can observe and that adhere to both the tub and the feet themselves, as well as the various colors present outside the base color, are due to the various reactions produced by the toxins expelled during the session.

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