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for mature skin


It is a treatment with laser technology that treats melasma and helps to rejuvenate. It is a process of different sessions where the skin is worked internally, since this depends on the skin phototype, white, dark. We treat spots, darkening of the skin, we give a solution with picoseconds, where the pigments of the skin disappear, which can sometimes be benign or malignant, these are found in atynic lentigines.


Senile, this is found in areas more exposed to the sun, such as the face, forearms, back of the hands, décolleté. Sizes can be millimeters or centimeters.


This treatment is safe, it is carried out with a Helios II laser in a painless way, leaving the skin healthy and healthy. The light energy is absorbed by the pigment, which is denatured without causing tissue damage.

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