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Sounds are susceptible electromagnetic frequencies and for that reason sonotherapy through sound is based on different techniques: sound massage or vibrational massage, sound therapy, harmonic chant meditations, bells, bells, gongs, etc.


The essence of all beings is the earth, the essence of the earth is water.

The essence of water is plants, the essence of plants is man.

The essence of man is the word, the essence of the word is sacred knowledge.

The essence of sacred knowledge is voice and sound.

The essence of voice and sound is aum.


The bowls originate in the southern part of Mongolia and are made of 7 metals (Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Tin and Lead).


Bowl therapy is a vibrational therapy that will help us quiet our mind, reorder us and connect us with our internal music. They help us to release blockages to regain the harmony of our internal consonance.


Each Bowl has a fundamental sound, and from this sound other tones are given off, higher and lower, which have a relationship, or harmonic proportion, with the fundamental tone.


Harmonic vibrations alter matter by rearranging its molecular structure, realigning, and balancing energy, at all levels. Through regular use of sound combined with intention, we can begin to vibrate faster, on a cellular or molecular level. This is called "raising the frequency." A higher frequency of vibration creates greater spaces between cells, which makes them less dense, preventing negative or foreign energies from easily adhering to us and achieving higher states of consciousness and facilitating well-being and harmony.


The sound of the Tibetan Bowls is in accordance with the Golden Ratio, they are tuned according to the Pythagorean scale and their sound and that of their harmonics serve as I mentioned before to balance the physical, mental and emotional planes.

Its sounds are pure, intense and have a particular mystery capable of transporting the listener to an experience difficult to explain in words. An experience to walk and enjoy with the whole body. They act by clearing the mind, unlocking emotional blocks.


They are used as harmonization factors, finding our pure sound again, aligning ourselves with that original sound that we have and that for different reasons becomes unbalanced, helping us on our spiritual path by making greater contact with who we really are, expanding our consciousness and supporting ourselves. on our way to our own divinity. It also acts as a bridge for meditation thanks to its enveloping and pure sound.

Very mental people are recommended to connect with their feelings and those who are hypersensitive, to understand their personal processes.


It makes it easier for the person who experiences them to find a state of deep relaxation. Being able to detach during that moment from everyday problems and with the help of breathing exercises and the sound of the bowls, have the opportunity to connect with yourself.


It is comparable to "making silence" in that this would be a silence of the everyday to listen to one's own sounds and sensations.

"Leave a space for these to appear."


What is the benefit of sound therapy through the bowls:

The vibrations of the bowls attract the original harmonic frequency and stimulate the body, which, by tuning in with the frequency of the bowls, finds itself again its own harmonic frequencies, driven by these vibrations the body joins the vibratory waves .


The lack of harmony in our body affects different diseases that can develop in the short or long term.

With sound therapy we can treat:

ü Stress and anxiety

ü Reduces lack of concentration

ü Headaches

ü Muscle contractions

ü Increased body defenses

ü Mental and emotional stability.

ü Balances the cerebral hemispheres.

ü Balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body

ü It heals through vibration and sounds

ü Improves quality of life

ü And many more benefits


Come and enjoy this delicious sound massage and disconnect from the routine with the sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls. By harmonizing yourself through the healing sound of the bowls you receive the most loving energy for your heart. Give yourself a gift of light and love.


Session duration: 1 hour approx.

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