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Spiritual massage is a mixture of relaxing and energetic massage. This combination provides a feeling of both physical relaxation and inner peace.


It helps you understand and feel your body as a single unit, in a holistic way. You will not notice a difference between your back and your foot, since you will feel everything the same, as a whole.


You will enjoy the relaxation that is experienced to the touch. It will help you to live your spirituality and to contact your inner SELF. Even to release your psychic and physical ties.


After a period of time, the person who has received this massage, notices a change in their perception of life or their way of facing it.


It is carried out by 4 people applying their energy. Rose water, feathers, silks are used. The subject feels like an emperor! Chakras are opened, energies are manipulated, oils are applied. It is the best energetic massage in our menu of services.

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