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Auriculotherapy is also known by the name of Auriculopuncture. It is a technique that comes from Acupuncture. And it will consist of stimulating certain points that exist in the ear.

It is known that Acupuncture is a technique that is based on the theory of the existence of energy channels. Of which there are six that are Yang energy meridians (positive energy) and six Yin energy meridians (negative energy).


Traditional Chinese Medicine uses these energy meridians to be able to treat different ailments, through the search for the balance of energies.


Well, Auriculotherapy is also based on this positive and negative energy that runs through our body. But it is based on the theory, that the ear exists a representation of all the parts of our body. So any pathology or ailment can be treated from the ear, stimulating specific points, which are in the external auditory pavilion.

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