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The famous Wedding Veil, an aesthetic treatment that will enhance your beauty for the Big Day of your Wedding ..! It is known to all that a woman's wedding day generates, apart from a lot of happiness, a lot of nerves, stress, as well as what it represents to make budgets, details and invitations, which can easily cause a lot of tension, headaches, problems sleeping, Bad mood. All this in turn can produce changes in body weight, making it necessary for the bride to take a day for herself.


What is the Bridal Veil?

It consists of a set of facial and body treatments in order to provide relaxation through various manual techniques, aromatherapy and equipment that allow to obtain deep hydration in the skin, in addition to rescuing its luminosity and freshness. This treatment can be done a week before the wedding day as well as a day before, everything will depend on the choice made by the bride.

It is a complete treatment that can be worked step by step starting with the facial treatment or both sections can be performed at the same time (facial and body) with the help of an assistant and thus speed up the process. Most importantly, pamper the bride to feel and look radiant.

Moisturizing Facial It begins by making sure that the skin is clean, for this a cleansing milk or cream (for dry skin) or a pore cleanser gel (for oily skin) is used, it is applied all over the face and is removed with warm water in order to open the pores. To remove dead cells and achieve smoother skin, we exfoliate the face using circular movements, achieving the desired effect, finishing the exfoliant with facial sponges and plenty of water. At this point, the skin is ready to nourish itself with a collagen mask or another active ingredient that promotes deep hydration.

Collagen Mask This mask nourishes, regenerates and keeps the skin firm. Its main active ingredient, Collagen, is a natural protein that is gradually lost over the years, which is why it is necessary that from the age of 25 we try masks of this type. Masks are usually applied to the face and left on for 15 to 25 minutes so that the skin can absorb all the nutrients. We can find different types of nourishing and firming masks such as those that contain Honey, Cucumber, Aloe, or hyaluronic acid in their main ingredients, in order to keep the skin radiant and healthy.

High Frequency Produces a soothing and bactericidal effect on the skin, has stimulating, anti-stress and revitalizing properties. It uses high voltage alternating current and fewer interruptions, making it a painless treatment without any type of danger. It tones the skin, closing the pores after extraction, which is why it is a method widely used on the face to achieve a skin free of inflammation and redness, it lasts from 2 to 3 minutes.

Body Scrub Before applying the scrub, the skin is moistened using body sponges, after its application and corresponding massage it is removed using moistened body sponges in the same way. Body exfoliation requires stronger particles since in more dehydrated areas such as the elbows and knees it is necessary to insist more on this step. The exfoliation is performed in circular movements on the back, abdomen, chest, and buttocks, while in the arms and legs it is carried out in an ascending way, this in turn will promote drainage and blood circulation.

It manages to eliminate the dead cells that accumulate in the corneal layer, leaving the skin ready to receive and absorb the moisturizer. Relaxing Massage In order to put stress aside, massage during and after body exfoliation is essential to activate circulation, deeply stimulating the skin, adipose tissue and the nervous system, thus causing a sedative effect.

It can be complemented with relaxing therapies such as Madero therapy, which in an enveloping and sensory way help balance energy, as well as firm and tone the body.

Moisturizing Body Mask A wide range of ingredients can be used as a base or active principle that has the purpose of hydrating or nourishing the skin, such as coconut oil, softens the skin and restores shine, it is also rich in antioxidants . A coconut-based mask will provide a rich aroma that will aid in the relaxation process. The mask is applied to the entire body using a body brush to ensure it is distributed in the best way, then each area of ​​the body is wrapped very well and is ready to enter the Thermal Blanket.

At the end of the treatment, a relaxing tea will always be a good option, which will calm the bride and at the same time help to relieve accumulated tensions. A linden tea or infusion (oriental drink) offers a very relaxing effect, the lemon verbena is recommended to calm the nerves for its calming properties, the lavender infusion in addition to being anti-inflammatory reduces anxiety which is also ideal at the end of the therapy .




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